Enhancing Farmer’s Lives with Quality and Fair Price to Consumer’s Needs

We are an innovative technology-centric company focusing on cost effective, secure systems that empowers farmers fair earnings and consumer savings for a healthier Philippine agricultural ecosystem.

Our Story

GreenWave Tech Innovations, Inc.

At GreenWave Tech Innovations, Inc., we take pride in being a cutting-edge and technology-centric company with a clear mission – to revolutionize the Philippine agricultural ecosystem. Our unwavering focus is on creating cost-effective and secure systems that empower farmers, ensuring they receive fair earnings for their hard work. Simultaneously, we are committed to providing consumers with significant savings, fostering a healthier and more sustainable agricultural landscape.

our agri tech solution

Our Solution

FarmXchange App

FarmXchange is a revolutionary mobile application that revolutionizes the agricultural industry by facilitating seamless e-commerce transactions and exchanges of a wide range of agriculture products, including meat and aquatic products. The app serves as a platform for farmers, agri-producers, and producer cooperatives to directly connect with consumers, vendors associations, bulk buyers, processors, supermarkets, government entities, enterprises, and other juridical entities.

GreenWave Technology<br />

At GreenWave Tech Innovations, Inc., we are not only committed to driving positive change in the industry but also to promoting sustainability and environmental consciousness. Our solutions are designed to support eco-friendly farming practices, minimizing the impact on the environment while meeting the growing demand for agricultural products.

Join us on our journey to revolutionize the Philippine agricultural landscape, where farmers thrive, consumers enjoy healthier choices at affordable prices, and the entire ecosystem flourishes with prosperity and sustainability. Together, we can shape a brighter and more resilient future for agriculture in the Philippines and beyond.


GreenWave Tech Innovations, Inc. offers an innovative and secure ecommerce service that empowers farmers with fair earnings and enables consumers to make savings for a healthier and sustainable Philippine agricultural ecosystem.

GreenWave Cooperative


The cooperative business model employed by GreenWave Tech Innovations, Inc. fosters a seamless and transparent platform, connecting farmers, agri-producers, and consumers.

GreenWave Linkages


Linkages in agribusiness technology play a pivotal role in connecting farmers, producers, and consumers through a seamless and efficient platform, facilitating fair trade, access to markets, and sustainable agricultural practices.

GreenWave Tech Innovations, Inc.

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Our primary goal is to revolutionize agricultural product trading, creating seamless connections between farmers, producers, and consumers through innovative digital solutions.


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